Jurney of one and none
…religion is a tool to bind people together, to strengthen their unity, but like every tool, it can be mismanaged, even used in opposition to the way it should.
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≫ This kind of silent morning.Harm & Boon by Balmorhea. (at The Fortress)
You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.
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Breathing Love in Paris
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jeoy l. paula bronstein  lana slezic anja niedringhaus kate holt reuters, from a school in bori bana, a slum in abidjan, ivory coast altaf gadri  muhammed muheisen reuters, from a school in islamabad zohra bensemra


september 8 is international literacy day. globally, two thirds of the 775,000,000 illiterate adults, and 63% of the 126 million illiterate youth, are female. the discrepancy is a result of 33,000,000 fewer girls attending primary school than boys. but any child born to a literate mother is twice as likely to be immunized and live past the age of five, and is also twice as likely to receive an education. (sources here)

photos by (click pic) joey l. at a school for hamar girls in labaltoy, ethiopia; muhammed muheisen in pakistan; altaf gadri at an unofficial school run for slum dwellers held under a bridge in new delhi; paula bronstein at a thai refugee camp for burmese refugees; reuters, from a school in bori bana, a slum in abidjan, ivory coast; zohra bensemra from a school at a refugee camp in islamabad; anja niedringhaus at a makeshift school in budyali, afghanistan; kate holt in makuyuni, tanzania; reuters, from a school in islamabad; and lana slezic from a bombed out school in afghanistan. 

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